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Peptide Nucleic Acid Monomers

Peptide Nucleic Acids are analogs of DNA in which the phosphate backbone is replaced with a peptide like backbone. Due to their unique structure; PNA molecules have possible applications as antisense therapeutics, diagnostic markers, or molecular biology products.

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5-O-(4, 4-Dimethoxytrityl)-N-benzoyl-adenosine-2-O-tBDMS-3-O
Cat. #: 20-1216
Cas. #:
MF: C53H66N7O8PSi
FW: 988.19

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5-O-(4, 4-Dimethoxytrityl)-N-acetyl-cytidine-2-O-tBDMS-3-O-[
Cat. #: 20-0316
Cas. #:
MF: C47H64N5O9PSi
FW: 902.1

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5-O-(4, 4-Dimethoxytrityl)-N-benzoyl-cytidine-2-O-tBDMS-3-O-
Cat. #: 20-2316
Cas. #:
MF: C52H66N5O9PSi
FW: 964.17

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5-O-(4, 4-Dimethoxytrityl)-N-(4-isobutyryl)-guanosine-2-O-tBD
Cat. #: 20-0716
Cas. #:
MF: C50H68N7O9PSi
FW: 970.18

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5-O-(4, 4-Dimethoxytrityl)-Uridine-2-O-tBDMS-3-O-[(2-cyanoet
Cat. #: 20-2116
Cas. #:
MF: C45H61N4O9PSi
FW: 851.05

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